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How will TRAVCRM help to increase productivity?

TRAVCRM is an awarding winning Travel CRM which is specially designed in taking consideration of all types of travel companies. It offers a complete set of business instruments that may be utilised to carry out intelligent business activities. Through TRAVCRM, you can improve overall productivity of your travel business by interacting more efficiently, and streamline work procedures.


Why does travel industry need TRAVCRM?

Travel industry is quite competitive and everyone is looking for technology to reduce their cost. Travel companies require specific software that facilitates business sales & operations in order to succeed in this sector. TRAVCRM will help you to make your sales & operations easier.


How does TRAVCRM helps to grow business at large scale?

By using TRAVCRM, you can perform your daily operations very easily and effectively. TRAVCRM’s workflow will help you to handle your large number of queries during peak seasons. It helps you to builds good customer relationship which leads to growth of business.


Is TRAVCRM provide report and analytics in graphic interface ?

Any business needs reports to function, and TRAVCRM allows for generate department wise multiple reports e.g. for Leads, Sales, Operations and finance. TRAVCRM has multiple dashboard which gives your graphic representation of these reports with export to Excel and PDF.


Do I need technical knowledge to use this software?

Not necessarily. Best part of TRAVCRM is that it has very user friendly interface. Any operation person can start using TRAVCRM with basic knowledge of travel domain. However, DeBox has dedicated implementation and training team who will assist you. In case, you need additional functionalities for this you, you can can contact us.


Do I need to set up anything after purchasing TRAVCRM?

Yes, you just need to provide a dedicated domain name, company details and email settings. It is required for creating environment for you and your logo will be shown on itinerary, proposal and invoices etc.

Is our data secured in TRAVCRM?

Yes, all your data will be secure in TRAVCRM. As it is a 100% cloud system it ensures it is backed up and is fully protected in a secure and safe location. All contact information is encrypted. On cloud, you can access it quickly to perform business as usual.

Is there is any limit in creating master database?

No, there is no limitation in creating and managing your master database. You can upload all master databases such as agent master, supplier master, rate sheet and images etc.


What are the steps a travel business owner should take before implementing TRAVCRM?

TRAVCRM has been created over the operating system. So you do not need to do anything to use our CRM. All you required is a desktop or mobile and a good internet connection.

What are the key features of TRAVCRM?

Some key features of TRAVCRM are:
* Query Management
* Quotation Builder
* Proposal/Itinerary Builder
* Voucher Generation
* Payment Reminder for supplier and clients
* Invoice Generation
* Reports & Analysis

Is TRAVCRM has mobile applications?

Yes, we have multiple mobile applications for CXO, Client, Guide and Drivers

What kind of reports do TRAVCRM generate?

We provide a special dashboard that will enable you to approach organizational management at all levels in an orderly manner while making operational, tactical, and strategic choices. We produce several reports, including allocation, profit, vendor management, outstanding & agency outstanding, invoice, voucher, common booking dashboard, and summary.

How does TRAVCRM helps to control my budget?

Without Travel CRM Software you will need lots of manpower which will cost a lot of money and also there is dependency of particular staff. On the other hand if you have implemented TRAVCRM, you can easily manage your travel business by increasing the productivity of your staff. You can utilize extra team members to perform other activity and the rest of the work is done by TRAVCRM by this you can save a lot of cost.



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