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travCRM is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution
specifically designed for TMCs and DMCs

About travCRM

travCRM (An Award-Winning CRM) is a Comprehensive Query Management System that is specifically designed for both TMCs and DMCs. It has functions that are aimed to address all the requirements of the Travel Agencies such as Keeping Track of the Queries, their TAT (response time) and their Conversion Ratio. travCRM is the very cost-effective solution which is designed considering all categories of travel partners. Itís easy to use for various Travel Partners and helps them organize their Corporate & Customer data, Automates Query Management, Initiates Payment Requisition, Allows Voucher Printing & Mailing, Generates Invoices, Quotation Generation of contracted suppliers, Sightseeing and Transfers etc. Additional features like Itinerary Generation, Complete Lead and Sales Module and many more such functionalities are available. It helps to automate end to end operations of a Travel Agency / Company while keeping it very simple for the usersĒ. It is 100% cloud-oriented to ensure optimum usage of the software. You can manage your business anywhere from the world take your business to the next level.
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of travCRM features


  • Daily Query Summary
  • Query Status Report
  • Top 10 Agent Information
  • Most Selling Destination
  • Month-wise Query Information
  • To Do List
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Lead Management

Leads are the very foundation of sales and the most precious commodity a salesperson can have. Leads donít come cheap, and for that reason Lead management is systematically turning potential customers into actual paying customers.We have made a visual, intuitive lead management one of travCRM core functions. Using this feature sales person can work effectively and efficiently. The staff of an organization can work on other relevant steps to ensure maximum conversion from Leads to Queries and through to Confirmed Bookings.
  • Create unlimited Travel Leads
  • Organize your leads by Status
  • Unlimited lead storage

Sales Management

Sales Management is normally tied to a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. A strong CRM provides all the tools businesses need to close deals faster and keep the pipeline full and flowing. To begin with, it provides a contact database where all the information on each contact is stored. travCRM helps salespeople to reach more prospects in less time and lets them personalize their approach so they can close more deals.
  • Dynamic, instant visualization of pipeline, processes & activities
  • Focus on revenue target & high-priority activities
  • Robust reporting & management
  • Multiple Lead Stages of better monitoring and control
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Document Management

Document Management is a repository. It helps in managing all documents, you can create multiple folders to store your documents which can be accessed anytime., you get the privilege of handling the communication activities and processing documents in a single window.
  • Easy and Quick Document Retrieval
  • Various Types of Document can be Uploaded
  • Emailer, Templates, Brochures can be Stored in Repository
  • No more Email Search to Find any Document

Contact Management

Contact management tracks your business contact information. You can manage all contacts such as -: Corporate, B2B, Supplier and Client information, including names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers. You can use a contact Management to easily organize and find all the information linked to business communications.travCRM allows you to upload your contacts through Spreadsheets.
  • Option to enter Corporate, B2B, Supplier and Client information
  • Option to define multiple addresses, emails, and phone numbers
  • Salesperson/ Contact person Mapping
  • Option of uploading Business Agreements
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Query Management

Query Management System is a complete product for managing your day to day queries. It allows you to give complete information of all queries with their status to take appropriate action. Direct email integration feature makes it more convenient as it shows all email conversations with a timestamp in a single location.
  • Auto Generation Query ID
  • Auto Query Assignment to Destination Expert
  • Auto Capture all Communication in CRM
  • Query Prioritization

Reports Management

The primary function of every customer relationship management (CRM) system is to generate multiple reports to analyze complete performance of company.It shows an amazing Graphical report to analyze your company performance at the core level for business leaders and other decision makers to quickly and easily access the information they need, exactly when they need it.
  • User Wise Query Report
  • Agent Wise Query Report
  • Client Wise Query Report
  • Client Pending Payment Report
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Package Builder

Package Builder will help travel agents to quickly create and display complete information about multi-day package tours & holidays. Customers can search packages based on themes, budgets and dates. Using Package Builder agents can create, in a matter of minutes, packages that display high resolution images and tour information.
  • User can create Dynamic and Static Packages
  • create Domestic and International Packages
  • Users can add multiple Hotel, Sightseeing, Transfer and Flight
  • Direct Rates from uploaded Rate Sheet
  • Predefined terms and conditions, inclusions, exclusions etc

Itinerary Builder

travCRM automatically creates unique web page for each itinerary which looks perfect in desktop computers, laptops or mobile devices. Easily and quickly arrange events, flights, accommodations on a clear and beautiful itinerary. Send itineraries to clients via online link and PDF format. You can create as many itineraries as you want, and you can modify them as per your needs.
  • Auto Itinerary creation from Query
  • Day wise Hotel, Sightseeing, Transfer and Cruise information
  • Predefined Cover letters for Ready Use
  • Multiple Amendments
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Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications have become an integral part of managing office operations. Effective use of Alerts and Notifications ensure that you are always aware of important dates and events, so you never miss important information that could be critical to the success of any company.It can help you to take appropriate action within required timelines.
  • Time-based Alerts
  • Activity-based Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • SMS Alerts

Voucher Generation

Voucher Generation feature allows you to generate vouchers of all services availed by a client. This can be generated in a PDF Format and directly sent to client. It contains all the elements important for an Itinerary or Package. It helps in giving the clients a preview of their travel.
  • Brief list of various Destination Vouchers
  • Quick Search for quick response
  • Multiple Actions - Send as mail, Print and Download
  • Booking Voucher in PDF format
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Invoice Generation

travCRM helps you create invoices of respective queries. You can generate tax invoice or estimates for any query with predefined terms and conditions. Auto GST (Tax) calculation on various parameters defined by user.
  • Create unlimited Invoices
  • Performa & Tax Invoice Generation
  • Different Types of Taxes can be Defined
  • Auto Capturing of Booking Details
  • Agent Invoice Payment Tracking

Complaint Management

Customer complaints, compliments or feedback are always a good source of business information. It can help manage customer feedback more effectively to gain a better understanding for each customerís needs. They can be a great opportunity for companies to improve the quality of their products and customer service.
  • Brief list of various Destination Vouchers
  • Quick Search for quick response
  • Multiple Actions - Send as mail, Print and Download
  • Booking Voucher in PDF format
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